samedi 14 novembre 2015

Hello everyone ,if you atre looking for some stylish boots ,Sioux it's one of my favourite brands : .

mardi 31 mars 2015

Only god can judge you ^^

Hello everyone, this look Sponsored by the amazing
Great t-shirts .With an artistique words .I hope you guys like it <3 LOVE YOU ALL.

lundi 16 mars 2015

Hello ,It's been along time .Now i'm back to my blog . Shooted in Morocco Fes ,old city ,i'm deeply in love with this amazing city . this look sponsored by the amazing #Soufeel ,BTW free shipping worldwide with orders over $50 ,you can get some rings only with 1.99$ , Go and get yours at : .

dimanche 10 août 2014 Sponsored by Sammydress : . This look was shoot by my friend Anas and I were out driving and suddenly found this amazing green avenue it was before i went to Europe .witch i"m bit pale and wearing a skinny black jeans ;;;And Great t-shirt and Bracelet by :

jeudi 7 août 2014

This is one of my favourite look ever ,<3 I woke up alone to take a pictures ;that"s the first reason why I called ( BORN ALONE . DIE )

dimanche 15 juin 2014

Hey there, I hope you guys had a nice weekend, mine was hella relaxed. I just played alot League of Legends and friday evening I was in Spain for some ice cream and a small shopping hour. I found one piece I will show you in the next week I think. Maybe already this week, have to see. I'm not sure about that. However, the weather was good overall here, so we had the chance to take some summer photos again. Let me introduce you my new photos: